Just as an added experiment, can you try to boot the non-PCIVERBOSE kernel, and at the boot prompt enter

        load pciverbose

before actually booting?

As far as getting a back-trace, you could set DDB_COMMANDONENTER="bt" in your config file ....

The dmesg looks interesting, especially with that strange pci9 bus. My machine has a similar "management devices" pci bus.

On Mon, 17 Oct 2016, Jarom??r Dole?~Mek wrote:


I've got an amd64 system which panics with 'stack overflow detected'
on boot, somewhere halfway through probing pci9 bus, when booted with
kernel with PCIVERBOSE. Same kernel config without PCIVERBOSE boots
fine. dmesg without PCIVERBOSE is attached.

Any idea what might be causing this?

I've had cursory look at pci code, it doesn't seem as if anything
would be allocating extra space there. Maybe some interaction with
dev_verbose module code? Unfortunately can't get backtrace as this
happens before the keyboard is probed and attached.



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