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Kamil Rytarowski  <> wrote:
>I've been observing a race with the ptrace(2) ATF tests.
>There is a function await_zombie() that checks whether a process (traced
>by a debugger) died and is now a zombie. The current code might return a
>single process twice, from the allproc list and later from zombproc. I
>detect that in both cases the process returned twice has SDYING status.
>Reproducer for NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux:
>This code is stable for FreeBSD and Linux, and can break on NetBSD with
>return value -1 and errno ENOMEM.
>Patch with a potential fix:
>I'm adding an additional marker at the head of zombproc list, and skip
>zombie processes that were appended to the list during the iteration
>over the processes.
>This approach generates a potential scenario when a process might be
>silently moved to the zombproc list. and thus becoming invisible in
>another race scenario.
>Ideally we would eliminate the proc_lock relock during the operation
>over all process lists. One solution would be to mark this buffer wire
>and disable EFAULT scenarios (and potentially disable need to relock
>proc_lock)... however so far nothing uses this in the kernel and I'm not
>sure it's proper time to go into the rabbit hole and just find a quick

Since zombie procs can't become human even if they eat brains, why don't
we first scan the zombie list and then the allproc list?


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