Date:        Thu, 12 Jul 2018 15:18:08 -0400
    From:        Thor Lancelot Simon <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | So if 8.0 has a serious tmpfs regression... we don't yet know.

If the most serious problem is something in the basic infrastructure
then it ought to be affecting all of the builds.

But it is only really serious on the netbsd-7(-*) builds, -6 -8 and HEAD
are not affected (or not nearly as much).   (That is, the -7 builds end
up taking about twice as long as HEAD and -8 builds, and much longer
than -6 (which is smaller, and uses a much simpler gcc))

I believe the most likely cause is something peculiar to -7, when it runs
on a -8 base, itself, perhaps related to the gcc version, or make, of
binutilos, or ... and might be something that only affects some of the
architectures (I don't have enough info to know).   It could be almost
anything given that scope limitation, but I don't see how something
basic like tmpfs on -8 can be a possible cause.


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