from Izumi Tsutsui:

> >     ahcisata0 port 1: device present, speed: 3.0Gb/s
> > for the two attached SSDs, seemingly triggered by disk activity.  These
> > SSDs are running as a RAIDframe mirror.  Unpacking the 9.0_RC1 sets with
> > the new kernel triggered around 50 of these, as well as a few "soft
> > error (corrected)" messages like these:
> >     wd0a: error writing fsbn 15440256 of 15440256-15440271 (wd0 bn 
> > 15452544; cn 15329 tn 14 sn 30), xfer 330, retry 0

> > Second, can this be fixed assuming it's a software issue? :)

> I have similar problems, as filed in PR/54790.

> No "ahcisata0 port 1: device present, speed: 3.0Gb/s"
> but many soft errors.  No error on NetBSD 8.1 GENERIC.

> The problem here doesn't happen once after disabling NCQ by
> "hw.wd2.use_ncq=0" in /etc/sysctl.conf.

Would "sysctl hw.wd2.use_ncq=0" from the command line have the same effect?

What about "sysctl -w hw.wd2.use_ncq=0" ?  What is the effect of "-w" here?

I have a similar problem getting "error reading fsbn ..." messages on a Western 
Digital Green hard drive, but there errors are not corrected.  I have to either 
hit Reset button, or Ctrl-Alt-Esc to go into debugger, and reboot from there.

This is an unclean dismount, requiring fsck_ffs after the reboot.

"sysctl -w hw.wd1.use_ncq=0" does not stop this "error writing fsbn ..." 
problem, where wd1 is the SATA hard drive having this problem.

I do not get this problem with NetBSD 7.99.1 or with FreeBSD.


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