My name is Nizar Benshaqi , 19 Years old from Morocco,

I'm really interested in a NetBSD GSoC project: Creating an SQL
backend and statistics/query page for ATF test results

I am an experienced web developer , with knowledge in PostgreSQL , I
can build such project using either PHP , Node.JS or Python (
Depending on your requirements) for the backend.
As for the tool to read the ATF xml data and insert it into the
database, I can build it either using Python , or remotely using PHP
(Depending on the file size).
For the front-end I will use chart.js (
https://github.com/chartjs/Chart.js) for any kind of statistics
display, with nice responsive css styles.

If you can provide me with ATF xml data I will provide you with more
in-depth details on how to implement and build these tools.

Regards, Nizar.

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