> Am 17.05.2018 um 13:55 schrieb Sevan Janiyan <ventur...@geeklan.co.uk>:
> Hello,
> There is a unixlua[1] module which is a Lua binding for some the
> functions in our C libraries in base as well as system calls. The code
> base is small and doesn't have any tentacles (a hand full of C files,
> excluding headers), It's licensed under a 3 clause style BSD license and
> written by mbalmer@.
> I would like to import this into base as unix(3lua) and wanted to ask
> for feedback, is there any reason not to?

Keep in mind that we already have some NetBSD/Unix specific modules in base, 
like GPIO access or an sqlite module (e,g, to dig stuff from nan pages).  This 
module complements what we already have and makes Lua in base generally more 
useful.  Plus it is easy to extend if needed.

If the license (3-clause) is of concern, it can be changed to whatever is 

So I'd say, yes please Sevan, go ahead an committ it.  ok mbalmer@ if you want.

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