On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 10:28:51AM +0200, Conrad Wood wrote:
> Hi,
> My trusted old mono laser has recently broken down and I am looking for
> a replacement. Did anyone purchase a mono laser for linux recently?
> I would like to avoid any/all binary proprietary software if possible.
> Not a big fan of, for example, the brother driver stuff. Ideally it's
> got network connection and I install a PPD file and bob's your uncle ;)
> On a sidenote: Old printer was a Brother printer which worked flawlessly
> for 13 years. Now a gear cracked and Brother support send a replacement
> gear free of charge. (unfortunately it's way too tricky for me to
> replace and other gears seem worn down too). Thumbs up for brother on
> that note!

All the Brother mono lasers with ethernet ports speak
PostScript. You don't need a driver for them, you just tell CUPS
what the IP address is and point at the PPD file -- most of
which are shipped with CUPS anyway.

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