What do folks use for analyzing web logs? I had been working on trying to
get awstats setup at one point but had issues with it and never got it
squared away. At this point (almost) all my sites are now running inside
their own Docker containers (exporting their log file directories back to
the host), so I'd rather have a separate container (or swarm service)
process the log files and generate reports underneath a different URL.

However, I'm also not sure if this is actually something I need or not...
most of the sites I host are WordPress based, and it looks like their
Jetpack logging is pretty good (
https://wordpress.com/stats/week/romancedivas.com as an example). On the
other hand, I'm not sure if that will capture any attack attempts that
don't actually hit a WordPress page. I am routing most of these domains
(and trying to flip over the rest of them, but that usually requires the
client to make changes and they're slow to do so) through CloudFlare, but
I'm not really sure if their analytics is deep enough to avoid parsing
nginx logs.

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