On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 10:19:52PM +0200, Dave BIN wrote:
> Hello ,
> Please first accept my sorry about my english that is not my natural  
> langage^^
> On a trying install for my Toshiba laptop it shutdown a few minutes  
> after the boot prompt pass. Clearly the ventilation is off behind this  
> point.
> I've already experiment this "safe-shutdown" by installing Linux last  
> year.
> A simply -acpi=off- argument to the kernel solve it.
> After my RTFM session on this OpenBSD i found this way :
> Boot> set howto ...    But where is the list of flags that i can use  
> here ?
> As you can read , i'm a beginner.
> Thank you.

Just before you system boots, you'll see a prompt

type: boot -c <enter>

You'll get another prompt

type: disable acpi <enter>
then type: quit <enter>

and it will continue to boot with acpi disabled

check out: 'man boot' and 'man UKC'



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