On Mon, Sep 03, 2012 at 21:18, Alexander Polakov wrote:

> Now back to "underlying issues": x86emu executes some code which causes
> parity check NMI (bit 7 set in port 0x61) to be generated, which causes
> drop to the debugger (I mistook it for a panic).
> Btw, is it intended to not include isa.h in i386/trap.c? (removed in r.1.35).
> Code wrapped in #if NISA > 0 is thrown out by cpp now.

Probably not, but after 11 years, it doesn't look like we used that
code much. :)  Putting the include back at the top of the file would
be a good diff to propose. (I guess it may have been deleted because
it looks funny in the middle of the file).

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