Yes, i'm seeing that too on a Soekris net5501.

Mattieu Baptiste
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Le 22 janv. 2013 12:41, "Stuart Henderson" <> a écrit :

> Seeing some odd behaviour on an alix firewall and wondering if
> other people see the same, or it's something odd with my setup.
> I'm testing by running tcpbench on two other machines, with the
> traffic routed through the alix, ethernet->ethernet, not natted.
> With pool_debug enabled (sysctl kern.pool_debug=1) as is default
> in -current, I'm seeing a reasonably stable 63Mb/s and kern.netlivelocks
> raises by around 3.5 per second.
> With pool_debug *disabled* the top speed raises but it's really
> unstable; tcpbench reported rates from around 1.5Mb/s up to 75Mb/s
> and a much lower overall average. netlivelocks raises by ~10.5/second.
> Is anyone else seeing anything like this?

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