As it seems this doesn't clash with any other device
we should just be able to add it.

On Sun, Mar 03, 2013 at 12:25:11AM -0800, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Lately, a bunch of cheap Chinese USB-to-Ethernet dongles have been
> making their appearance in various parts of the world by a Chinese
> vendor.  Often these can be gotten for around USD$2 or less. They're
> frequently referred to as "HG2f09" adapters.
> The VID/PID is 066b/20f9, which would lead one to think that the
> maker is Linksys--except the PID doesn't appear in any Linksys
> registry.   So we've got a counterfeit.  (Why pay good money to
> IF-USB when you can just "borrow" a VID?  I've seen the same thing
> in cheap USB flash drives. )
> A bit of probing shows the operative device is the Asix AX88772B
> (and has been verified by others).
> The pragmatic approach would be to reprogram the serial
> configuration EEPROM in this thing to match something better known,
> say, the Linksys USB200, but Asix Taiwan is not forthcoming with
> their programming utility, citing "confidential, restricted to
> verified customers".    I'm not inclined to tear my hair out trying
> to write a utility for a $2 part (there are some pretty good hints
> in the Asix datasheet).
> Mine arrived with a mini-CD containing Windows drivers (uncertified,
> of course) and Linux source (no good for OpenBSD).
> At any rate, a stopgap solution for me was to simply add the
> following line to the 5.2 USB if_axe.c axe_devs[] structure:
>     { { USB_VENDOR_LINKSYS, 0x20f9}, AX772 | AX772B},  // Fake
> Linksys HG20f9
> It's an ugly hack, but it seems to work just fine.  I have a bit of
> a dilemma tagging the code as if this really were a Linksys-badged
> device.  I'll leave the symbolic definitions to those official
> custodians of OpenBSD source for a cleaner version, should the need
> for this arise.
> You can see the extent of the problem, just by searching the web for
> "HG2f09".
> Perhaps there should be some sort of USB VID/PID "aliasing"
> capability to avoid having to rebuild the kernel for this sort of
> thing.
> Submitted for whatever it's worth...
> Cheers,
> Chuck Guzis
> Sydex, Inc.

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