On Mon, Apr 01, 2013 at 22:54, James Turner wrote:
> I've come across a piece of software that defines __POSIX_C_SOURCE which
> causes __BSD_VISIBLE to bet set to 0.
> In sys/socket.h if __BSD_VISIBLE is 0 sys/_types.h is included instead
> of sys/types.h. This is fine however in three cases we reference
> u_int8_t (2) and u_int64_t (1) which requires sys/types.h.
> If we change these to __uint8_t and __uint64_t they work with either
> types.h or _types.h. Does this make sense? Will there be any side
> effects?

I believe the correct type would be uint8_t or uint64_t. Those should be
visible (I think). A quick look indicates that maybe they aren't, so that
won't work.

There won't be any side effects from using __uint64_t, but I think of it
more like a building block for another type. Not to be used directly.

I would like to believe that posix allows int64_t to be visible after
including socket.h since they use it in their sample sockaddr_storage
implementation, but the text doesn't seem to allow that.

Maybe the __uint64_t type is the way to go.

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