On 2013/03/31 17:56, SASANO Takayoshi wrote:
> Hello,
> I rewrote patched uthum(4) to new ugold(4) driver.
> Thanks for advice by yuo@ and deraadt@.
> The diff for -current's /usr/src/sys is large to send mailing-list,
> so here is the URL:
> http://www2192ue.sakura.ne.jp/~uaa/gomitext/2013/20130331/20130331.diff
> If you want to try ugold(4) and already use Microdia's-variant-patched
> uthum(4) driver, revert original uthum(4).
> ok or comments, please.
> Cheers,
> -- 
> SASANO Takayoshi <u...@mx5.nisiq.net>

In the diff to usbdevs you have this:

product MICRODIA_TEMPER         0x7401  TEMPer sensor

it should be:

product MICRODIA TEMPER         0x7401  TEMPer sensor

Your diff as-is does build, but as soon as somebody runs "make" in /sys/dev/usb
it will break. Generally, avoid editing usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h directly,
just edit "usbdevs" and then run "make" to generate the other files.

The driver also needs adding to GENERIC for the other USB-capable architectures.

Works for me on i386 with

$ dmesg|grep ugold
ugold0 at uhidev0 reportid 1
ugold1 at uhidev1
ugold1: type ds75/12bit (temperature)

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