On Wed, May 01, 2013 at 04:28, J?r?mie Courr?ges-Anglas wrote:
> Ted Unangst <t...@tedunangst.com> writes:
>> For simple patterns, grep has an optimization to avoid regex and run
>> about 50% faster. The problem is its idea of simple patterns is too
>> simple.
> IIUC the idea is to optimize for a lazy user that didn't want to
> type grep -F or fgrep:

More or less. Note that it does support . wildcards unlike -F. I also
have scripts that run grep where it would be annoying to get -F to
grep when necessary.

> The following diff also tests for ']', ')' and '}' so that unbalanced
> use of those can be catched by regcomp if the latter happens to become
> stricter.
> Regress passes; does it seem OK?

I think that's a good improvement.

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