It would be really nice to have reports before this goes in (probably on
wednesday). (Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas) writes:

> Hi,
> a new Sendmail release has been published:
> Here's a diff for this update:
> Release notes:
> 8.14.7/8.14.7 2013/04/21
>       Drop support for IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses to prevent the MTA
>               from using a mapped address over a legitimate IPv6 address
>               and to enforce the proper semantics over the IPv6
>               connection.  Problem noted by Ulrich Sporlein.
>       Fix a regression introduced in 8.14.6: the wrong list of
>               macros was sent to a milter in the EHLO stage.
>               Problem found by Fabrice Bellet, reported via RedHat
>               (Jaroslav Skarvada).
>       Fix handling of ORCPT parameter for DSNs: xtext decoding
>               was not performed and a wrong syntax check was applied
>               to the "addr-type" field.  Problem noted by Dan Lukes
>               of Obludarium.
>       Fix handling of NUL characters in the MIME conversion functions
>               so that message bodies containing them will be sent
>               on properly. Note: this usually also affects mails
>               that are not converted as those functions are used
>               for other purposes too.  Problem noted by Elchonon
>               Edelson of Lockheed Martin.
>       Do not perform "duplicate" elimination of recipients if they
>               resolve to the error mailer using a temporary failure
>               (4xy) via ruleset 0.  Problem noted by Akira Takahashi
>               of IIJ.
>       CONTRIB: Updated version of script from John Beck
>               of Oracle.
>       Portability:
>               Unlike gcc, clang doesn't apply full prototypes to K&R
>               definitions.
> I did not include the updated contrib/ as it is now under CDDL,
> and the new libsm/t-fgetc.c as it isn't used on OpenBSD.
> For convenience in proof-reading, here's also a diff between 8.14.6 and
> 8.14.7 tarballs (with trimmed):
> Regards,

Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas
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