On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 12:19:30PM +0100, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> 3. the reason for in6_unlink_ifa being called at all is because
> in6_ifattach_loopback automatically tries to add in6addr_loopback to a
> newly created lo interface, which is the wrong thing to do in the case
> of multiple lo(4) interfaces.
> In the v4 case, is set on the interface explicitly by /etc/netstart;
> v6 should probably do the same.

I don't think so.  Many things that are handled by userland in IPv4
are done by the kernel in IPv6.  These are autoconfiguration, and
link-local addresses, and the ::1 address.  Like it or not, this
is part of the idea.

There are just bugs and unimplemented cases in our stack.  Look at
these comments in netinet6/in6_ifattach.c .

 * XXX multiple loopback interface needs more care.  for instance,
 * nodelocal address needs to be configured onto only one of them.
 * XXX multiple link-local address case

         * assign loopback address for loopback interface.
         * XXX multiple loopback interface case.


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