On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 08:26:02PM +0200, Michał Markowski wrote:
> 2013/6/23 Nick Holland <n...@holland-consulting.net>:
> > I do believe this would be an annoyance for upgraders who have local
> > entries in this file, as sysmerge would detect lots of changes, plus the
> > local changes.  I'm not sure what the benefit would be to those people.
> Those people can just keep installed version when sysmerge ask them
> what to do (hit "d" if I recall correctly).

I have no opinion about the original diff but changes should never be prevented 
because of sysmerge(8).
sysmerge(8) allows you to merge changes later on and can even run non 
interactively if you have a big amount of machines to handle -- if anything 
sysmerge(8) could be improved to ease things for the admin but I will repeat it 
again, in no case, it should be taken into consideration when wanting to modify 


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