> Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 13:46:11 +0200 (CEST)
> From: Stefan Fritsch <s...@sfritsch.de>
> Hi,
> I have updated my patchset to enable format string warnings in kernel 
> builds. Changes from the first version:
> - Regarding pointer differences, this now takes the approach favored by 
> kettenis@ and adds support for %td in the kernel but does not add a 
> typedef for ptrdiff_t.
> - It now removes -Wno-format on amd64 in addition to i386
> There are patches mostly broken down by the type of fix at
> http://www.sfritsch.de/~stf/openbsd-format-string-v2/
> The file 
> http://www.sfritsch.de/~stf/openbsd-format-string-v2/combined.patch has 
> the whole thing combined (diffstat follows below). I don't think this is 
> reviewable when sent as a single mail. But for the most part, the order in 
> which the patches are applied does not matter. Therefore I thought that 
> people could either review by patch from the above directory or by source 
> file from the combined patch, just as they are comfortable. I would then 
> commit the patches bit by bit. Or is there a better suggestion?

Pretty much a guarantee to not to get your diffs reviewed.  If you've
already split things up, just mail a couple of them out and get them
reviewed and committed.  Then send out the next batch.

Please, please, please don't do the git thing of mailing out the whole
series as seperate mails, then change a single line in one of them and
mail the whole series out again, even if most of the diffs haven't

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