Back in 2010 (Apri-ish according to google) I reported that tmux left
a zombie process behind on initial launch. If user detached and
reattached, the zombie process cleared. I even provided a patch, which
I believe was accepted, but then replaced with a slightly different
version. However, since then I have noticed this behavior (or a
similar issue) return. On initial launch of tmux, there is a zombie
process left around until a detach. I have not investigated this
further, so it may or may not be a related issue.

Hope this helps,

$ ps auxw | grep tmux
me  12001  0.0  0.1  1136  1920 ??  Ss     9:00PM    0:00.04 tmux:
server (/tmp/tmux-1000/default) (tmux)
me  32546  0.0  0.0     0     0 p1  Z+    -          0:00.00 (tmux)
me  22096  0.0  0.0   976  1616 p1  S+     9:00PM    0:00.02 tmux:
client (/tmp/tmux-1000/default) (tmux)
me  14412  0.0  0.0   420   952 p3  S+     9:01PM    0:00.00 grep tmux

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