On 05/15/14 10:35, Stefan Sperling wrote:
This firmware update to version 0.33 is a prequisite for
newer run(4) devices which are not yet supported.

Can active users of run(4) devices please test this update
to make sure no regressions are introduced for already working
devices? I don't have a supported run(4) device to test with.

  cd /usr/src/sys/dev/microcode/rum  # yes, rum with m
  patch < this-patch
  make obj
  make depend
  sudo make install

I've obtained permission from Mediatek/Ralink to distribute this
firmware update under the terms in /etc/firmware/run-license.


Tested with the at TP-Link TL-WN727N USB Wifi device:

May 15 13:24:46 x41 /bsd: run0 at uhub0 port 4 "Ralink 802.11 n WLAN" rev 2.00/1.01 addr 3 May 15 13:24:46 x41 /bsd: run0: MAC/BBP RT3070 (rev 0x0201), RF RT3020 (MIMO 1T1R), address 74:ea:3a:8a:b6:8f

No regressions with this diff.



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