On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 12:11 AM, Theo de Raadt <dera...@openbsd.org> wrote:
>>  > this does 2 things:
>>  > [...]
>> I may recall what I have sent to you in private email, excerpt from
>> FreeBSD ping6 manpage:
>> [...]
>> When we have two binaries I have more trust when one of them is working
>> *only* with IPv4 and another one *only* with IPv6.
>> So, what user problems are you trying to solve with this merge?
> Mikhail, with great regret I am informing you that the opinion of some
> random gmail user does not actually matter around here.

It's not about opinion, everyone has it. It's about understanding why
a thing was done. If a person can't answer to the question "why" a
thing was done, I suppose he don't fully understand a solution to a
problem he is trying to solve.

Random gmail users can bring value as much as fullnamed developers.

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