Gregor Best <> writes:

> Hi,
> this is another patch to video(1). It removes the logic that forces the
> video grab frame size to be <= the size of the Xv adaptor. This allows
> me to grab and view frames that are 1280x1024 on my 1440x900 screen. Xv
> properly scales and stretches the window content, so there's nothing
> that gets cut off from the video feed.
> The camera I have here has the following resolutions:
>         160x120: 30
>         176x144: 30
>         320x240: 30
>         352x288: 30
>         640x480: 30
>         1280x1024: 9
> Without this patch, the maximum resolution I can grab and view at the
> same time is 640x480, which is a bit too tiny.

This seems to work fine with inteldrm, a 1280x800 display and

video device /dev/video:
  encodings: yuy2
  frame sizes (width x height, in pixels) and rates (in frames per second):
        320x240: 30
        352x288: 30
        640x480: 30
        800x600: 15
        1024x768: 12
        1280x720: 7
        1280x800: 7
        1600x1200: 5
  controls: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness

> I haven't noticed any
> downsides of the patch, but I've only tested it with my laptop and not
> other graphics cards, so I'm not sure how Xv handles frames larger than
> the display size there.

No idea either... if you wanted to reduce the risk of breakage, I guess
you could limit the resolution only if -O is not passed.

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