On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 01:59:20AM +0200, Simon Ruderich wrote:
> I'm a relatively new OpenBSD user and just updated my system from
> 5.9 to 6.0 but forgot to update the files in /usr/src. Thus when
> I applied the latest patches (001-006) I actually built an old
> 5.9 kernel which failed to boot. The following patch mentions
> /usr/src in the upgrade notes.

Thanks a lot for taking the time and submitting a patch. I will need to
think about this a little. I will probably end up adding a link to
errata.html since that is a more glaring omission on that page.

I think the real problem is that our documentation of -stable is
suboptimal in that there is this tangle of very similar, but
not-quite-the-same, information on stable.html, anoncvs.html and
faq5.html and none of these pages really cuts to the chase.

Improving this is on my to-do list for 6.1, but I haven't gotten around
to figuring out a good solution for that.  Moreover, I'm holding off
because there is ongoing work that might affect this:

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