splassert: sorwakeup: want 5 have 4
Starting stack trace...
splassert_check() at splassert_check+0x78
sorwakeup() at sorwakeup+0x27
pfkey_sendup() at pfkey_sendup+0x99
pfkeyv2_sendmessage() at pfkeyv2_sendmessage+0x226
pfkeyv2_expire() at pfkeyv2_expire+0x18d
tdb_timeout() at tdb_timeout+0x2f
softclock() at softclock+0x144
softintr_dispatch() at softintr_dispatch+0x8b
Xsoftclock() at Xsoftclock+0x1f
--- interrupt ---
end of kernel
end trace frame: 0x20, count: 248
End of stack trace.

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