On Mon, 19 Sep 2016 20:27:56 -0700, Philip Guenther wrote:

> I'm pretty sure I got all of the "no effect" casts to off_t and size_t.  
> I picked up the void* and char* casts with a less comprehensize search, so 
> there may be some that slipped through.
> This diff was checked by comparing the .o files before and after, building 
> on both an LP64 arch (amd64) and an ILP32 arch (i386).  For a handful of 
> files, the joining of lines meant the debug info was altered; for those, 
> they still compared as unchanged when the 'before' and 'after' files were 
> stripped before comparing them.

Cast removal looks fine.  Did you intend to include this line?


 - todd

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