i did some performace tests in current with and without your diff.

There is no difference in performance.

I will try to do performance tests with current on a regular base now.

2016-10-05 10:15 GMT+02:00, Martin Pieuchot <m...@openbsd.org>:
> On 10/04/16 16:44, Martin Pieuchot wrote:
>> On 10/03/16 16:43, Martin Pieuchot wrote:
>>> Diff below introduces a single write lock that will be used to serialize
>>> access to ip_output().
>>> This lock will be then split in multiple readers and writers to allow
>>> multiple forwarding paths to run in parallel of each others but still
>>> serialized with the socket layer.
>>> I'm currently looking for people wanting to run this diff and try to
>>> break it.  In other words, your machine might panic with it and if it
>>> does report the panic to me so the diff can be improved.
>>> I tested NFS v2 and v3 so I'm quite confident, but I might have missed
>>> some obvious stuff.
>> Updated diff attaced including a fix for syn_cache_timer(), problem
>> reported by Chris Jackman.
> Thanks to all testers!
> Here's a newer version that includes a fix for rt_timer_timer() also
> found by Chris Jackman.

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