On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 15:48 +1000, David Gwynne wrote:
> this adds a pool backend for MCLGETI thats 2k+2 bytes in size, which
> can be used on some very common nics that have annoying constraints
> on their rx descriptors.
> this in turn simplifies the code in those drivers and lets them
> always operate on ETHER_ALIGN boundaries.

I would agree for using it under the _STRICT_ALIGNED ifdef instead
of wasting a page, but not in the generic case.  No technical reason
to do it.  Code simplifications brought by this change are miniscule.
In fact it adds more code to the uipc_mbuf than saves in the driver.

> the pool is cheap, pages will only be allocated in it if something
> asks for them, and it keeps this complexity out of the drivers.
> ok?

Not OK.  Not w/o *at least* the performance assessment of this change.
Right now it's just a distraction from more important issues.

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