> CVSROOT:      /cvs
> Module name:  src
> Changes by:   dera...@cvs.openbsd.org 2016/10/14 12:43:02
> ...
> Log message:
> Kernel builds now happen in compile/CONFIG/obj@ -> /usr/obj/... [or ./obj/,
> if srctree is not rooted at /usr/src].  As a result, stock GENERIC & RAMDISK
> kernels are commited to the tree, to ensure the src tree can be "readonly"
> during builds, with all writes occuring inside the obj space.  config -b
> options are handled by ../Makefile.inc.  The canonical new way to configure
> one of these kernels is:
> % cd /sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC.MP
> % doas make obj
> % make config
> % make
> % doas cp obj/bsd /bsd
> The build infrastructure will use this new mechanism in a de-escalation
> way using BUILDUSER.
> Much help from natano and tb.

With this commit in, you will probably want to clean up your repository
before doing a cvs up. Otherwise cvs will complain about files being in
the way.

        $ cd /usr/src/sys
        $ rm -r arch/*/compile/[GR]*
        $ rm arch/*/compile/.cvsignore
        $ cvs up -d


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