Rob Pierce <> writes:

> Fix a couple of grammar mistakes, remove a redundant word, and add a FILES
> reference for the /etc/ldap/certs directory.

Committed, thanks.  I adjusted the FILES entries so that ldapd.conf is
still listed first, and so that the description of /etc/ldap/certs is
more generic (one can put TLS certs out of /etc/ldap/certs).

The description for `listen on' could be improved, based on this
(looking at the code):
- if no certificate name is provided, the interface name is used
- if the certificate name is not absolute, the cert & key files are
  looked up from /etc/ldap/certs
- the cert file is retrieved by appending .crt to the certificate name,
  the key file by appending .key

Right now the description is a bit unclear.  What happens if the
certificate name isn't an absolute name?  If anyone wants to reword it
in a nice way, be my guest.

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