Hi Reyk,

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 06:20:25PM +0200, Reyk Floeter wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply - thanks for doing this.  No objections, OK
> from me as well.

Thanks. The general consensus was to try to reduce this a lot before
commit though. I will probably only include the wireless setup in the

> It is a good place to explain things like networking in more detail
> that cannot be done in the manpages (but the vm.conf(5) manpage also
> needs improvement in the EXAMPLES section).

I posted an improvement to vm.conf(5) yesterday, albeit not to the
examples section. Still looking for an OK on that.

> One very minor nit: why re0? ;-) I think modern vmm-compatible
> machines with VMX/VT-d/EPT will have em0 in most cases ...

It's just what my test system had in it. We can easily switch to em.

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