On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 10:40:48AM +0100, Franco Fichtner wrote:
> Hi,
> Switching from net-snmp to OpenBSD's snmpd raised two
> issues and I'd like to know if they make sense to address:
> A pid file is missing.  Would a patch for this be accepted?

As far as I know, the OpenBSD project avoids pid files for a longer
time.  Because of race conditions and other reasons.

> The snmpd.conf can contain static values.  If these values
> are rewritten/changed over time by rewriting the config,
> snmpd needs to be restarted.  Is there a technical reason
> for not supporting e.g. reload using HUP?
> I'm only looking for input, can provide patches with a bit
> of help.  :)

The HUP feature isn't that import for the OpenSNMPd because it does not
cost that much time to reload the information out of the kernel and
the daemon don't keep stat from it's clients.  In the case of the
OpenOSPF its much more important because it take a while to restart.
And during the starting time the router would not be available.

Just my two cents.


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