On 16-12-21 9:41 AM, Jan Klemkow wrote:
On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 10:40:48AM +0100, Franco Fichtner wrote:
The snmpd.conf can contain static values. If these values
are rewritten/changed over time by rewriting the config,
snmpd needs to be restarted.  Is there a technical reason
for not supporting e.g. reload using HUP?

I'm only looking for input, can provide patches with a bit
of help.  :)
The HUP feature isn't that import for the OpenSNMPd because it does not
cost that much time to reload the information out of the kernel and
the daemon don't keep stat from it's clients.  In the case of the
OpenOSPF its much more important because it take a while to restart.
And during the starting time the router would not be available.

As a frequent user of SNMP, and OpenBSD's snmpd in particular, I could see the HUP feature being immensely useful. Restarting the snmpd daemon resets the timeticks value to zero, which appears as a "reboot" to the outsider. However, in lieu of graceful restart to pick up static changes in snmpd.conf, I could see perhaps changing timeticks to reference the host system uptime counter instead as an alternative, then restarting it would be less of an issue on my end. However, I'm sure there are legitimate reasons for things to be the way they are now, such as portability since everyone's uptime will be somewhere different.

Something that's been on my list of things to look at, should I ever find my coder hat ever again (it's been missing somewhere for quite some time now).

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