On 22/12/16(Thu) 12:00, Theo Buehler wrote:
> Not sure if these have been reported.  With a kernel freshly built from
> sources this morning, my dmesg is full of these:
> splassert: sorwakeup: want 1 have 0
> Starting stack trace...
> sorwakeup() at sorwakeup+0x3c
> soisconnected() at soisconnected+0x6f
> unp_connect2() at unp_connect2+0x62
> unp_connect() at unp_connect+0x22e
> uipc_usrreq() at uipc_usrreq+0x27a
> soconnect() at soconnect+0xbb
> sys_connect() at sys_connect+0x1c2
> syscall() at syscall+0x27b

Same regression reported by stsp@ and RD Trush, I reverted the

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