Op 12/30/16 om 19:30 schreef Theo de Raadt:
I'm wondering if anyone doing an install/upgrade has noticed any
behaviour changes in the last week...

There's a secret diff being tested :-)

Tried an upgrade on a rarely used, roughly two months old, CURRENT system.

Is it related to "wxallowed" ? I noticed it missing on my /usr/local mount, though I'm not sure it was there before. I think it was, but it may be an configuration mistake on my CURRENT system.

Anyway my private ports failed to build in my home directory. (seems like a permission error during "make obj") Building as root, using doas, worked. Testing a Python script failed with a permission error on "env /usr/local/bin/python3.4".

Enabled "wxallowed" on /usr/local and the permission problems went away.
(my guess is that this is not what you want to hear as a solution)

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