On Sat, Jan 07, 2017 at 05:42:24PM -0500, Jacob L. Leifman wrote:

> Most of the time I agree with this particular attitude and it is indeed 
> appropriate for the OP case. However, there some major networks such as 
> various governments (or for example .mil) that do not participate in 
> the public PKI but run their own PKI infrastructure. What effect will 
> the installer's checks have in that environment? What workarounds would 
> be reasonable and approriate? and does it make sense for OpenBSD to 
> support such scenarios out-of-the-box to promote wider adoption of 
> better software?

That's not a good reason, since in the case of what I am describing they
would *still be depending on the public PKI infrastrucure* to publish
their own list of signers..  No.. they aren't going to do that.. Sorry, 
Unless you're mailing me from a .mil address I think you might
be imagining this usage case. 

they're probably building from source, or have the wherewithall to roll
their own bsd.rd if they care about doing this. 

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