"Ted Unangst" <t...@tedunangst.com> wrote:

> This option is not posix (not like that's stopped find accumulating a
> dozen extensions), but it is in gnu and freebsd (for 20 years). it's
> also somewhat popular among sysadmins and blogs, etc. and perhaps most
> importantly, it nicely solves one of the more troublesome caveats of
> find (which the man page actually covers twice because it's so common
> and easy to screw up). So I think it makes a good addition.

I find this option highly distasteful and largerly useless.  You
generally want to use find -exec when you know what you are doing, so
choosing between ; and + is not really an issue unless you are doing it
wrong.  (Of course it might be an issue if you don't use find very
often, but then -delete is a huge hazard because of its nuances.)

I am OK with adding it for compatibility reasons, but I oppose adding
examples of its usage to manual page.

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