On Thu, 26 Jan 2017 at 5:35 PM, Stefan Sperling <s...@stsp.name> wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 08:43:11PM -0600, Austin Bentley wrote:
> > Interesting. It seems that on OpenBSD the reception is quite weak.
> > I've connected, HOWEVER, I have to be in the same room as my router!
> > On Linux I can be anywhere in my house.
> >
> > I tried disabling powersave (-powersave), and still I have to be very
> I believe the powersave option is a no-op with iwn(4) so I am
> not surprised it doesn't change anything.
> > close to my router. My phone can connect to it no problem anywhere in
> > the house. Does anyone have any clue what's going on? Is it possible
> > that the driver is permanently set on a power save mode?
> Well, it seems something strange is going on since it works with Linux.
> It is not clear whether the problem is with sending or receiving.
> I would guess it is more likely that iwn(4) has some problem with
> sending data, rather than receiving it. Both have to work to associate
> successfully.
> You can enable some debug output like this:
>   ifconfig iwn0 debug
> Look in /var/log/messages. Any beacon received should be mentioned there,
> and in case a WPA handshare is attempted you should see this as well.
> Perhaps the problem has to do with regdomain settings? iwn(4) does not
> do anything about those -- it relies on hardware/firmware defaults.
> Does Linux print anything about regulatory domains in its dmesg?
> > On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Austin Bentley <ab...@mst.edu> wrote:
> > >      nwid MYSSID chan 6 bssid yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy -58dBm HT-MCS15
> > >      privacy,short_slottime,wpa1
> Do you also happen to have this AP on a 5GHz channel or is this
> AP on 2GHz only? If iwn(4) is trying to connect on 5GHz instead of 2,
> that would explain why it doesn't work well through walls.

I'm facing similar issues and assuming it was a router incompatibility
Issue that causes this to happen.


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