On Tue, Mar 07, 2017 at 07:12:43AM +0200, Timo Myyrä wrote:
> I didn't think it would improve things yet but I had the antenna so I'd figure
> I'd stick it in the AP while I'm tweaking it anyway.
> Speaking of 5Ghz, my AP uses athn chipset AR9280 which seems to support 2.4Ghz
> and 5Ghz. Can I use 5Ghz with my AP to see which devices would break after 
> such
> transition. I guess I would need to get 5Ghz antenna and just stick that to my
> AP?

Don't worry about antennas.
Just pick any channel >= 36 in the list shown by 'ifconfig athn0 chan'.
You can run a scan to see which of these channels are already occupied.

On my 9280 I have 24 5GHz channels to choose from.
Some 5GHz client devices may be limited to a subset of these, but all
devices should support channels 36-48.

for regulatory aspects. Channels marked "DFS" should be avoided because
OpenBSD has no support for DFS yet. There is nothing technical preventing
their use, it may just not be perfectly legal to operate such an AP.
The driver sticks to TX power limits configured in hardware so indoor
use of DFS channels should be reasonably safe if it can't be avoided.
My impression is that, in practice, these rules are taken very seriously
only when running long-haul wifi links across public space.

> Can OpenBSD AP work on both frequencies at the same time or is that something
> not yet supported?

No, that won't work. The hardware can do 'multi-BSS' which we don't
yet support but I believe that just means running separate SSIDs in
parallel on the same channel.

I have two firewalls in a carp setup and run a 5GHz AP on one and a 2GHz
on the other.

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