On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 07:12:43PM +0300, Henri Kemppainen wrote:
> > > Nice catch, the diff reads fine to me, I'll commit later today when I
> > > have another ok from eric@
> > Yes, this looks correct. But, I would rather move the resume test before
> > the EOM test, to avoid touching the session after the transfer has been
> > finalized by smtp_data_io_done().
> It oughtn't make a difference as long as the duplex control is correct,
> but I'm fine with that change.
> > > side note, smtpd should not have been able to leak more than 5 fd, it
> > > should not have been able to exhaust, is this what you observed ?
> For the record, we discussed this with Gilles on irc and while we saw
> more than a dozen leaked fds, it's okay as smtpd will allow as many
> incoming sessions as the dtable can accommodate (with an fd reserve).
> The lower limits are on outgoing connections.
> New diff with reordered code.  I'll see if I can get Adam to run one more
> round of testing..

Committed thanks :)
Gilles Chehade

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