On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 9:14 AM, Mike Belopuhov <m...@belopuhov.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Together with Maxim Khitrov we have figured out what needs to
> be set for XenServer (that's a Citrix product based on Xen) to
> "recognize" the OpenBSD VM and let it do things like reboot and
> so on.
> I'd like to get this documented in the xen(4) man page instead
> of referring users to mailing list archives.
> There are two things that we can mention:
> 1) viridian capability, that XenServer comes with enabled by
>    default, interferes with hostctl: you need to either disable
>    it for your VM (if you have access) or MAKEDEV /dev/pvbus1
>    and use that with hostctl(8).
> 2) to let XenServer management software know that OpenBSD is
>    there in full glory we need to set a few XenStore properties
>    with hostctl(8).  User needs to do this on every boot, so
>    putting them somewhere around /etc/rc.local is necessary.
> I've come up with the diff below.  Please let me know if this
> makes sense and if we can improve it.
> Maxim, can you please double check the script itself.  Are all
> these values necessary?  I've changed a few things including
> the BuildVersion value.
> Thanks.

Hi Mike,

attr/PVAddons/* contains version information about XenServer Tools
installed in the VM, not the OS. Dinar copied the original values from
tools v6.2. I don't know whether XenServer actually cares about what
version is reported, but if it does, this would be tied to features
supported by xen, xbf, and xnf drivers. You typically update the tools
with each new XenServer release, which gives you most recent disk and
network drivers, at least on Windows.

Only attr/PVAddons/{MajorVersion,MinorVersion} and data/updated are
required to get graceful reboot and shutdown support in XenCenter, but
I would leave the rest in there to avoid confusing any tools that
might expect to find the other keys as well.
data/{os_name,os_uname,os_distro} provide OS information, which is
shown in VM properties (not required, but useful to have). Setting
data/updated to 1 triggers a refresh of this information in


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