On 17-07-18 23:20:26, Tim Stewart wrote:
> viq <vic...@gmail.com> writes:
> > On 17-06-25 21:44:24, Tim Stewart wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> In this message I've tried to encode everything I've done to allow
> >> strongSwan on Android to connect with iked, including the latest patch.
> >> I have also verified that it breaks neither initial negotiation nor
> >> Child SA rekeying for OpenBSD, Windows, and strongSwan (on Android)
> >> clients.
> >
> >  This patch gets my android phone much closer to being able to negotiate
> >  a connection, but there are still issues. Paraphrasing analysis mikeb
> >  performed on IRC:
> >  android sends incorrect (for us) group, and with this patch we now send
> >  a failure message and android retries. But, we don't increment msgid
> >  "because we did sa_free and restarted, so we can assume that android
> >  thinks that negotiation continues, that's why it re-sends the
> I'm glad it seems to help, though it's too bad that the patch doesn't
> work completely for you.
> I haven't really considered msgids--I'll do some more reading to see
> what I might be missing there.  I do know that resending an IKE_SA_INIT
> message with a different DH group is correct, however, and this does
> work on my phone.  For your reference, the first line of my strongSwan
> log tells me that I'm using strongSwan 5.5.3 and Android 7.1.1.
> I see that you forwarded the iked logs in a reply to this email.  Is
> this the full log after a fresh iked startup with no existing SAs?

This is after a fresh startup, there exists an SA but for a separete
site-to-site config I have in place. If completely fresh logs are
needed I could comment that out.

> Also, would it be possible to forward an anonymized config and the
> strongSwan logs so that I can compare to mine?  (I can also post my
> logs, but I'll have to do it in the next day or two as I'm out of time
> for today.)

First, sorry for the delay with replying to this. Second, I'm not sure
how to get to the logs, seeing as I'm using the built-in VPN client that
came with Samsung S8.

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