On 12/11/17(Sun) 21:30, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> iked box, GENERIC.MP + WITNESS, -current as of Friday 10th:

Weird, did you tweak "kern.splassert" on this box?   Otherwise is looks
like a major corruption.

> login: panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "_kernel_lock_held()" failed: file 
> "/src/cvs-openbsd/sys/kern/uipc_socket2.c", line 310
Looks like one CPU is triggering this.

> splassert: soassertlocked: want 1 have 256
> panic: spl assertion failure in soassertlocked
That can't be coming from the same CPU..

> Starting stack trace...
> Faulted in traceback, aborting...
> panic(splassert: if_down: want 1 have 256
> panic: spl assertion failure in if_down) at
> Faulted in traceback, aborting...
> panicsplassert: if_down: want 1 have 256
> +0x133panic: spl assertion failure in if_down
> Faulted in traceback, aborting...
> <repeated a few times>
> It's stuck at this point, I can't enter ddb.

Are you running with WITNESS on purpose?  Can you reproduce such problem
without it?  I'm not saying it's WITNESS fault, but it's clear that
WITNESS kernels aren't ready for production yet.

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