> We have received *no* non-public information.  I've seen posts elsewhere by
> other *BSD people implying that they receive little or no prior warning, so
> I have no reason to believe this was specific to OpenBSD and/or our
> philosophy.  Personally, I do find it....amusing? that public announcements
> were moved up after the issue was deduced from development discussions and
> commits to a different open source OS project.  Aren't we all glad that
> this was under embargo and strongly believe in the future value of
> embargoes?

if only the millionares and billionares benefit from receiving
information to make improvements to the so-called open and free
software stack, then the ecosystem has truly grown up to become
captured and will soon gain all the market benefits of other supply
chains -- such as ensuring you have inexpensive salmonella spinach on
your table from purchased from a smallselection of vendors.  But not
safety, security, diversity, and choice.

Some people should be ashamed of themselves, but they probably
purchased options.

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