On 2018 Jan 11 (Thu) at 11:51:25 +0100 (+0100), Peter Hessler wrote:
:On 2018 Jan 11 (Thu) at 20:41:19 +1000 (+1000), David Gwynne wrote:
::vlan and trunk are definitely ethernet interfaces.
:Is there anything in OpenBSD that isn't an ethernet inteface?

based on a simplistic grep:  upl(4), umb(4), bridge(4), enc(4), gre(4),
lo(4), mpe(4), pflog(4), pflow(4), pfsync(4), ppp/pppoe/pppx/sppp,
trunk(4), tun(4), switch(4), mpw(4), and of course, carp(4).

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