On 2018 Feb 27 (Tue) at 22:04:15 +0100 (+0100), Mark Kettenis wrote:
:The "new" AAPCS-based ABI that we have been using on armv7 for a while
:now requires various 64-bit types to be aligned on an 8-byte boundary.
:Unfortunately we didn't realize this when we switched and didn't
:adjust the definition of _ALIGNBYTES accordingly.  The diff below
:fixes that.
:However, this triggers a flag day.  It changes the CMSG ABI, which
:means that file descriptor passing breaks as soon as you boot a new
:kernel with old userland.  That sucks since many of our daemons use
:file descriptor passing, including sshd.  Can we deal with yet another
:ABI break on armv7?  I'm not sure the ports builders have recovered
:from the switch to clang yet...

That isn't the problem for armv7 ports builders, the main problem is all
of the alignment faults.  I have no problems with ABI breaks, do what
you need to.

I only use snaps for base+xenocara, so I can simply wait until a fixed
set is available.

It was a book to kill time for those who liked it better dead.

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