Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Gray wrote on Thu, Mar 01, 2018 at 10:03:25PM +1100:

> There are other pages, ie gcc.1 gcov.1 aren't present on arm64.
> We don't install gcc3/gcc4 manual pages in architecture specific
> directories currently.  Or llvm manual pages on architectures
> that don't build llvm. And cpp.1 cc.1 c++.1 etc.

Gah, i totally missed /usr/src/distrib/sets/lists/comp/{gcc,clang}.*

Indeed, that's a complete system for installing md manual pages
into mi directories.  I doubt that attempting to clean that up
during -beta would be a particularly good idea.

So just use that system for now, sorry for the disruption.

Regarding longer term cleanup, we have at least these md pages
in mi directories:

  comp/gcc.*:   gcc(1) gcov(1)
  comp/clang.*: cc(1) c++(1) clang(1) clang++(1) clang-cpp(1) 
  comp/md.*:    as(1) gdb(1)

And you say there are more pages, listed in mi files, where
the *content* is actually md, describing totally different programs?

  comp/mi:      cpp(1) ld(1) ... ???

That is sad because it results in the wrong wrong manual pages
being shown in man(1) -S and on the web.  For example,


Your diff will not fix that.

> This diff was prompted by arm64 checkflist showing a missing file
> for ld.1 on arm64.  While I agree the ideal case would have the pages
> moved to md directories for the conflicting pages none of the toolchain
> pages seem to do that at the moment.

I see.


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