From: Mike Larkin <mlar...@azathoth.net>
Subject: Re: workaround for buggy bios_memmap?
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 23:41:23 -0800

>> is there any better workaround/idea to solve this issue?
> maybe report it upstream to bhyve if you think this really is a bhyve issue?

well, yes, bhyve issue should be reported to bhyve upstream.
maybe DL20 Gen9 issue should be reported to HPE too.

> why would we want a bootloader hack to fix a bug easily fixed elsewhere?

sorry, I don't think OpenBSD bootloader need to be fixed. my dirty patch
is just a workaround for myself.

and I wanted to know better workaround in OpenBSD because I didn't think
it's easily fixed elsewhere.

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