Hello to all!

I have a generic question related to OpenBSD 6.2 drm driver (inteldrm in my 
case). With OpenBSD 6.0 and 6.1 my display is set to the max. resolution at 
boot time (1280x800), this is great for the tty's because it fills all my 
screen, and using vi, less and other commands this is the best. But with 
OpenBSD 6.2 the resolution at boot time is set to 800x600. I read the v6.2 
change log and there states that "The inteldrm(4) driver was updated to code 
based on Linux 4.4.70". This 800x600 resolution for tty's is annoying because 
it lays in the upper left corner of the screen and because of this it does not 
fills the entire screen and plus the characters are much smaller, so is harder 
for the eye to read it. I have three questions. Number one: Is this change in 
resolution compared to 6.0, 6.1 vs 6.2 probably related to the inteldrm driver 
update (mentioned above)?. Number two: Is there a way to set the inteldrm 
resolution at the boot prompt (as I know there is no way)? Number three: I 
posted this issue to the OpenBSD mailing lists more than one months ago, but 
nobody took me into account. Question: From the OpenBSD developer's point of 
view this is not a thing to be fixed? (because I think it is, the reasons why 
I'm saying this is that I've seen more dmesg outputs from several users, with 
several hardware configurations, and drm always used a high resolution (at 
least 1280x800), plus I think the drm driver should always detect the maximum 
resolution supported by the hardware).


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