Mark Kettenis <> wrote:

> The UEFI firmware for the MACCHIATObin implements the EFI Random
> Number Generator Protocol.  That makes it possible to implement the
> mdrandom() function for arm64's EFIBOOT.  The random data is XORed
> onto the buffer so bad random data can't hurt us.
> The code is written such that it can be easily dropped into our other
> EFI bootloaders.  That raises a question though.  On amd64 we already
> have an mdrandom() implementation.  Should I call the function
> fwrandom() instead and and an
> #ifdef FWRANDOM
>        fwrandom(rnddata, sizeof(rnddata));
> #endif
> next to the mdrandom() call in boot.c?

Yes, it should call every thing like that.

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